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Shea Body Soap


Beautiful, 6oz. bars in natural wheat colors.
Contains oatmeal flakes which naturally exfoliates and Shea Butter for moisturizing.
Just in time for cold and flu season, It's All About Me is proud to announce the addition of a new product to our line - moisturizing hand sanitizer! Get all the cleansing power of the drugstore brands of gel sanitizers, but with the added moisturizing effects of aloe vera and shea and any one of 12 beautiful fragrances.

Shea Body Butter

Moisturizing Milk bath

Spa Grade maximum moisturizing lotion, made with 30 % Shea butter. Our #1 reorder!
Shea butter continues to grow in popularity due to its amazing healing properties. Our unique formula makes it one of our best sellers! Available in 13 exquisite scents
Our super-bubbly milk bath is truly the ultimate experience in luxury bathing.

Lip Balm

Hand and Body Lotion

Moisturizing, hydrating lip balm.
A light lotion, with rich emollients, absorbs quickly to nourish dry skin.

Bath and Shower Gel

Soy Candles 

A soothing gel that cleans and nourishes your skin while leaving it smooth and silky.

Available in 13 fragrances. 8oz in silver tin. The new 2-in-1 candle. Soy Lotion candles - Use the warm soy wax as a body balm.

Shampoo and Conditioners

Brown sugar scrub

A soft and gentle formula that cleanses and moisturizes thoroughly.

Brown Sugar scrub is an exfoliating yet moisturizing product that removes toxins and leaves your skin feeling brand new... 


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  1. ​Country Apple

    The refreshing, stimulating scent of baked apple pie  produces an immediate sensation of coolness. Perfect for use on tired feet, this fragrance is also a natural addition to your Christmas list!
  2. Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey 

    Definitely the lightest fragrance of the collection, this scent is another that can be sold as a uni-sex product. It’s also a good recommendation for any customer who wants to enjoy the moisturizing benefits of shea butter, without a scent that will compete with her favorite perfume.
  3. Butt Naked

    Another delightful tropical combo – the tangy scent of pineapple is the perfect partner for the fresh, fruity kiwi. This scent will transport you to the beaches of Hawaii – or maybe the Great Barrier Reef!
  4. Agave ​Lime 

    Citrus fans love the freshness of lime – combined with the reviving qualities of rosemary; this fragrance is the perfect way to start the day. Guaranteed to wake the brain, use it as a pick-me-up at any hour!
  5. Pink Champagne 

    A new addition that has an unbelievable smell of sensual sweetness with an edible arrangement feel... Tropical and tasty!​
  6. Velvet Sugar

    “There’s something about the scent of fresh baked sugar cookies and vanilla that’s at once sexy and erotic, yet sweet and innocent” – and there’s nothing wrong with either! Vanilla has long been known to promote a sense of well-being. Wearing it will make you feel better – and will have the same effect on those around you.
  7. Lemon Butter

    The soothing, sweet fresh fragrance of lemons has been a favorite for years. But this isn’t your grandmother’s lemon meringue pie  – our version has just a hint of mint, to make it a bit less sweet, but no less calming.
  8. Green Tea 

    Widely known for its healthy properties, green tea provides a scent that energizes the body, excites the senses, and revives the spirit. This clean, refreshing scent is light and uplifting – and if it’s good to drink green tea, why not wear it, too?
  9. L.O.V.E​

    The only perfume-based fragrance in the It's All About Me Products line, we call it “Celestial” because we think it smells heavenly! With hints of rose, this light, sweet fragrance is flowery without being overwhelming. And you can call it anything you like!
  10. ​After the Rain​

    One whiff of this tropical combo and you’ll be transported right to the beach. Sweet smell of pure water  – sensual mango – all  you need is a drink with an umbrella for the picture to be complete!
  11. ​Eucalyptus Spearmint​

    Designed to be a uni-sex fragrance, this scent combines the best qualities of eucalyptus and mint. Eucalyptus is known for its stimulating, energizing properties – partnered with the refreshing coolness of mint  , Eucalyptus Spearmint is just the ticket for hot summer days (and nights!). Great way to enhance your breathing as well.
  12. ​Serene​

    Another unique combination, here we pair the soft, romantic floral scent of gardenia with the sweet, tart, fruity fragrance of peach. You’ll conjure up images of a Southern belle when you wear this one!
  13. Grapefruit

    Refreshing, tart, stimulating – all are qualities that we associate with the fruit. But did you know that the scent of grapefruit has been found to be an aphrodisiac? Also, when wearing grapefruit scent, you’ll appear younger to others. Hmmmm – could this have something to do with that aphrodisiac effect?
  14. ​White Tea and Ginger​

    Known for its calming effects, the fragrant ginger makes a perfect partner for the fruity sweetness of apricot. Chamomile is also said to put people in a better mood – this warm, sweet combo will certainly put a smile on your face!

Candle Scents
Fragrance Oils vs. Essential Oils are noted. All fragrances are based on availability.